(SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS a.`agent`, a.`agentville` as subRegion, a.`region`, v.`owner`,v.`odometre_type`, v.`make`, v.`type`, v.`model`, v.`year`, v.`version`, IF(v.price>0, price, 999999) as price ,v.`duplicate_id`,v.`id_autoaubaine`, v.`pic1`, v.`id`, v.`doors`, v.`miles`, v.`transmission`, v.`title`, '2' as typevend, v.`telephone`, v.`date_listing`, v.`provider`, '0' AS a_discuter,a.`latitude`,a.`longitude`, (((acos(sin((a.`latitude`*pi()/180)) * sin((45.508889*pi()/180))+cos((a.`latitude`*pi()/180)) * cos((45.508889*pi()/180)) * cos(((a.`longitude` - (-73.55))*pi()/180))))*180/pi())*60*1.1515*1.609344) AS distancia ,v.color as color , v.couleur_interieur as color_int FROM `vehicles` v LEFT JOIN `agents` a ON v.`owner`=a.`id` WHERE v.`id` > '0' AND a.`actif` LIKE '1' AND `type` LIKE "Ford-Edge-a-vendre" AND ( v.`miles` BETWEEN 0 AND 100000000 )) UNION (SELECT "" as agent, a2.`ville` as subRegion,a2.`region`, "0" AS owner, "1" as `odometre_type`, v2.type_vehicule as type, v2.`marque` as make, v2.`modele` as model, v2.`annee` as year, v2.`version`, IF(v2.prix>0, prix, 999999) as price , 0 as `duplicate_id`,0 as `id_autoaubaine`,v2.`photo1` as pic1, v2.`id`, v2.`porte` as doors, v2.`kilometrage` as miles, v2.`transmission`, v2.`titre` as title, "1" as typevend, a2.`telephone`, v2.`date_listing`,v2.`a_discuter`, v2.`provider`,a2.`latitude`,a2.`longitude`, (((acos(sin((a2.`latitude`*pi()/180)) * sin((45.508889*pi()/180))+cos((a2.`latitude`*pi()/180)) * cos((45.508889*pi()/180)) * cos(((a2.`longitude` - (-73.55))*pi()/180))))*180/pi())*60*1.1515*1.609344) AS distancia ,"" as color , "" as color_int FROM `vehicule_particulier` v2 LEFT JOIN `particulier` a2 ON v2.`id_particulier`=a2.`id` WHERE v2.`id` > "0" AND `type_vehicule` LIKE "Ford-Edge-a-vendre" AND ( v2.`kilometrage` BETWEEN 0 AND 100000000 )) ORDER BY year DESC LIMIT -15,15->